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Fallout 4

You mark a task on your map and after about two hours you find yourself in a different place to escape from mutant bears. This is the power of Bethesda,… Read more »

Age Of Empires 3

The most famous and perhaps the best known of the real-time strategy games, Microsoft’s Age of Empires series, which is literally stepping into the game world, continues with its splendor… Read more »

Witcher 3 Wildhunt

The Witcher 3 ,which has been waiting by the RPG players for so long, has been presented to us with a story that as a last adventure with the monster… Read more »

Red Dead Redemption 2

Candidate for the Best Game of the Year Rockstar Games, producer of the world-famous GTA game series has released finally second part of Red Dead Redemption 2 on 26th October… Read more »

Rainbow Six: Siege

The new face of terrorists: Bioterror Tom Clancy games are one step ahead of all other peers in the military sense. The Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six are… Read more »


WE ALWAYS NEED A HERO Our world is becoming more and more dangerous, and with terror events, political initiatives and climate events, the only place where humanity can live is… Read more »

Mobile Legends

MOBA FOR MOBILE Mobile legends, offers to us playing a MOBA game in our smartphones. While the technology is developing with an over speed than expected, mobile game developers has… Read more »


In a pixel-pixel world, would you like to excavate everything around you and uncover artifacts where your border will only be your imagination? Markus Person (known by the nickname Notch),… Read more »

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Your friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man! We have been together with the Spider Man character with plenty of series, animations, movies and thousands of comics since he showed up himself in a… Read more »