In a pixel-pixel world, would you like to excavate everything around you and uncover artifacts where your border will only be your imagination? Markus Person (known by the nickname Notch),… Read more »

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Your friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man! We have been together with the Spider Man character with plenty of series, animations, movies and thousands of comics since he showed up himself in a… Read more »

League of Legends

Welcome to Summoner’s Rift League of legends was created by the Riot Games in October 2009. It was designed as a MOBA game in which you play with a team… Read more »


Detailed information about the Game Live or die! Fortnite is a Battle Royale game released by Epic Games in 2017. In this game, 100 people jump on a certain map… Read more »

Far Cry 5

Far Cry, which first met with the players in 2004 and continued on its way as one of the oldest series of the game world, was in Crytek’s hands first…. Read more »

Fallout 76

DID THE WAR CHANGE? Now that the Fallout series has to be accepted, it has its own unique atmosphere, an interesting magic that draws the player in. We had the… Read more »


DARKNESS AWAITS If someone brings a DVD with no label on May 15th, you can take a look at the game, I have developed my friends and I think we… Read more »

Dark Souls 3

Touching the darkness … Ending everything … forever … Touching the darkness … Touching the darkness… It was all that. Years later, I feel like a pawn running through a… Read more »

Call of Duty Black OPS 4

Call of Duty, which could meet with the players with a kind of expected qualification especially in terms of innovations, has naturally been the target of the players’ criticism. The… Read more »

Battlefield 5

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