WWE 2K19

The WWE 2K series, which has come up with almost every year after a few minor changes, finally succeeds in satisfying the players in terms of content, even if it… Read more »

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs opened the doors of a new and exciting world. But he was just rung. The first game was never able to fully open those doors, and he was… Read more »

Until Dawn

An Award Winning Game Until Dawn is an interactive drama survival-horror game that is developed by Supermassive Games and produced by Sony Computer Entertainment for Playstation 4 in 2015. It’s… Read more »

Uncharted 4

It’s the best till Naughty Dog does better! Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End wraps you up when you press the start button and offers great moments for a long time…. Read more »

Titanfall 2

With its first game, Titanfall succeeded in getting the full score from almost all game critics and quickly engraved its name into the history of FPS with its fast mechanics,… Read more »

The Last of Us

BIGGEST SECRET OF THE WORLD Mankind has always been the greatest mystery of nature. Even though space and beyond, it is the most secret of our lives, we are still… Read more »

The Evil Within

Sign of Shinji Mikami When I say a name who is Shinji Mikami people who are the lovers of horror games will remember that guy from Resident Evil game series… Read more »

Tesla Model X

100% Electric First and Single SUV Tesla founder Elon Musk added a new addition to his all-electric vehicles that he launched to leave a cleaner world for future generations. Tesla… Read more »

NHL 2019

NHL 19 is one of the favorite sports games, period. It uses the same animation engine as Madden and FIFA, has excellent presentation and atmosphere, and the players look like… Read more »

Need For Speed

Whichever one of us doesn’t want, we’ll either have a 1965 Ford Mustang or let’s get to the last model of Italian wonder, Lamborghini. Video games, which take us from… Read more »